Personal bankruptcy or company insolvency are areas of law that until affected by them, you will probably never have the cause to encounter.

Irrespective of the economic environment, there are always people and companies in financial difficulties. Whether a company is on the receiving end of a winding up petition or wishing to start insolvency proceedings against a debtor, our priority at Panagos & Panagos LLC is to resolve issues quickly, pragmatically and to provide clients with a cost effective solution to their bankruptcy or insolvency issues, with special consideration of the business realities of the time.

Given our considerable expertise and our track record of success in solving complex bankruptcy and insolvency issues both in and out of court, we can expertly represent Creditors, Debtors, Receivers/Managers, Administrators, Liquidators and other insolvency professionals, providing unrivalled service and innovative solutions to achieve the right outcome for our clients.

We have a record of successfully counselling and representing various parties, from large publicly held or private companies, to high net worth individuals, in multi-million euro bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings.

We provide services regarding all matters including:

  • Advising on early stage financial and operational restructurings.
  • Defending bankruptcy or company winding up petitions.
  • Legal advice and litigation services on bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings.
  • Setting aside or annulling bankruptcy orders.
  • Enforcing guarantees and security.
  • Advising on insolvency risks.
  • Assessing directors’ liability.
  • Advising regulatory agencies on regulatory compliance.
  • Advising on the most complex national, cross-border and multi-jurisdictional insolvencies.
  • Structuring and executing sales process whether in or out of court.
  • Creditor, supplier and customer negotiations.