If you have a great, innovative idea, which you hope will transform your business; you should consider protecting it as your intellectual property (IP) before announcing it to the world. If not, it will be of no value.

Panagos & Panagos LLC provides the full range of Intellectual Property and related services providing legal assistance to companies, small businesses and individuals for all intellectual property matters.

Our team understands the challenges of Intellectual Property protection and combines technical expertise on the matter with a keen understanding of both Cypriot and European law. We provide legal assistance and representation in court, in order to protect intellectual property of any kind including enforcement rights, along with securing interlocutory relief, trade mark infringement and passing off.

IP box regime Cyprus
In June 2012 a new taxation scheme on Intellectual Property Rights has been introduced in Cyprus with retrospective effect from 1st January 2012, introducing the lowest tax rate for Intellectual Property Rights in the European Union. Our firm consults and assists on registration and management of Intellectual Property Structures, drafting of license agreements as well as ownership transfer and changes.

Music Rights
Every song or recording made by a creator or artist can be licensed for value in Cyprus and globally. The growth of the internet and digital communications has fundamentally changed the way we acquire and listen to music as it is now easier to create, market and sell music. At the same time, the evolution of the digital world has led to an exponential increase of unlawful infringement of Intellectual Property Rights, causing damage to the music industry. Our firm is committed to finding solutions to mitigate the damage and represents one of the largest administrators of rights of music producers in Greece and Cyprus.