Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience on corporate litigation enables us to represent corporate clients and individuals over corporate areas of the law on securing and protecting their legal rights in Cyprus and abroad through court procedure.

Our team has experience in a wide range of this section of the law and has handled cases worth from a few hundred thousand to millions. We also provide advice on immediate interim measures, including all necessary steps for obtaining interlocutory relief and other judicial remedies, in order to safeguard our clients’ rights pending litigation, always having in mind the business environment and realities.

We aim to continuously monitor our clients’ security and to be proactive when needed.  Our work involves:

  • Shareholder Disputes.
  • Breach of Share Purchase and Breach of Sale / Purchase / Assignment Agreements.
  • Protection of Minority Shareholders’ Rights.
  • Winding Up Proceedings on “Just and Equitable” Grounds.
  • Dead End situations between Shareholders.
  • Removal and Replacement of Board of Directors by Shareholders.
  • Disputes over Joint Ventures, Post-Mergers and Acquisition Disputes.
  • Corporate Governance Violations and Ratifications.