The ongoing economic crisis in Cyprus had a great impact on the transactions between natural and legal entities, resulting in late or even non – payment.

Our firm has great experience and offers a full range of debt collection options for both local and international debts. We are specialized in assisting individuals and commercial entities across the globe with the recovery of all types of debts. Our success rate is very high in settling most cases out of court and without the need for judicial intervention, while also commencing legal proceedings in court if required. We cooperate with some of the biggest organizations in Cyprus in this aspect of the law and we have handled thousands of such cases.

Our services include:

  • Company searches.
  • Confirmation of company trading address.
  • Telephone collection.
  • Issue of proceedings.
  • Discovery and Inspection of all possessions of a legal and natural persons.
  • Enforcement of judgments.
  • Bankruptcy & winding up.