All of us own possessions. These possessions may include expensive items like a car or a house, or more basic goods such as clothing and small appliances. Individuals can also own more complex goods, such as debt, the right to government benefits, or a trust. The law of trusts, succession and inheritance in Cyprus is regulated by a number of statutes, which may restrict or even annul someone’s freedom of testamentary disposition.

We can assist in setting up Cyprus trusts and dealing with inheritance matters, as our Firm offers a comprehensive succession planning legal services to serve clients’ personal or business requirements, taking into consideration tax issues, ownership, future targets and challenges and continuity.

In particular we deal with:

  • Advice and drafting on trusts.
  • Drafting and execution of wills.
  • Letters of administration.
  • Probate applications.
  • Resealing of probates and letters of administration.
  • Probate proceedings.
  • Representation before Cyprus Courts.
  • Application for proving wills etc.