We deliver a full range of services across the country, providing effective legal solutions to companies, Examiners and Receivers and Managers, through the whole examinership and receivership process, as well as on the legal issues that may arise during the procedure.

Our team has a high level of expertise in mainly acting for and advising insolvency practitioners and has handled to date high profile multi-million euro cases. We provide advice on, but not limited to, out of Court appointed Receivers and Managers in relation to the pre appointment stage as well as their powers and obligations when they have been appointed to liquefy or manage the estate of a company.

We guide Receivers and Managers though all legal aspects of a case, from strategy formation to keeping the company operating, when they deem necessary to do so, how to act in the best interests of the charge holder, whilst at the same time fulfilling their duties towards the company and other creditors, according to Cyprus and European Law, providing litigation services whenever required. If after the Receivership a company cannot keep operating as a going concern and liquidation is the only option, we advise the liquidator on every aspect of the legal issues that may arise.